What can you do with $3?

October 24, 2013
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What can you do with $3?

Suzy gives 5 year old HIV-positive Wilson some porridge to add needed calories and nutrition to his daily intake.

The palliative care program that Vumilia offers is very important for many families in the surrounding area. Several of our staff go out daily to bring very sick HIV-positive children extra nutrition that their families are not able to provide. In doing this, Vumilia is not only improving the nutrition of very sick children, but is also helping to educate parents on how to offer more care for their offspring. The porridge we provide is a mixture of locally found ground grains, such as millet. Some families find that once shown how our porridge mixture is created, they can provide such sustenance to their sick children. The daily cost per child for 3 servings of porridge and an egg? $3.

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