The Green House Project

September 06, 2015
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The Green House Project
With the help of John Deere, Vumilia has started a new project to help generate extra income to support the Children’s Home.

The Green House Project was initiated after a 2 day visit from John Deere who donated the Green House, seeds, farm tools, food and firewood, as well as T-Shirts for the Vumilia Children and staff.

During their visit the John Deere Team not only helped set up the Green House, but also helped plough the land, split firewood and involved the children in many practical tasks such as cooking and pumping water to the farm and kitchen, as well as running sporting activities, games and reading tuition classes.

The new Green House has a total of 6 beds, each measuring 2ft x 45ft. This is a long term project but the future projections are great in terms of the possible results and benefits for Vumilia, and the team are excited and determined to make it a success.

The project, as with all new enterprises, has not been without its challenges, which have included some early problems with a bacterial infestation in the soil. But these issues have already been resolved ready for the next planting season, and despite these early problems, benefits have already been seen, with a good crop of tomatoes this year that has helped feed the Children and has also raised extra income for Vumilia at the local market.

John Deere Group Photo

Hosea (The Vumilia Project Manager) with Carol Depol and Charles from the John Deere team.



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