August 2013…

August 15, 2013
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August 2013…

We have had an eventful couple of months at Vumilia…

♦ The girls have all been moved into the brand new building, and their former dormitory has now been converted into a schoolhouse. The new building is structurally complete – but we still need to furnish and equip it, and there are some improvements we have to make to the plumbing and drainage systems. But the girls did not want to wait!
♦ There was a national teachers strike last month and our secondary school girls all came home as the situation is resolved. Its over now so they will be going back to school in September. The younger children were unaffected, thanks to our in-house home schooling program
♦ Volunteer Sex Ed teacher Kathy visited us and carried out a series of training workshops in the local area –  these are always popular and cause quite a stir!
♦ Sad that we have had to suspend the VCT and Clinic services for the time being – but we will resume them as soon as we can.
♦ We are making changes on the farm. We moved the cowshed –  away from the perimeter fence and public footpath where local people herd their animals to water –  so as to reduce the risk of tick infestation and other communicable diseases. We lost a milk cow to East Coast Fever recently which was a huge blow. We also moved and rebuilt the chicken house
Joanna Stutchbury, a permaculture expert, visited us and has helped us draw up new plans for the farm. We are very keen to fully adopt sustainable agriculture practices built on better natural resource management and minimize or eradicate use of any chemical/synthetic inputs
And we have taken two more young girls into the home, rescued from very sad conditions. More about them soon!
♦ The girls are all looking forward to a day trip to Kisumu this month – a big excitement for them – to visit Lake Victoria, the Impala Sanctuary, the Heritage Museum and other sights and experiences. Many thanks to Kathy for sponsoring this excursion.

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  • this is great,i know the benefit the project has brought to many young people and it has changed the life of many children s ,am looking forward to work and to support in any way

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