These are a few of the extraordinary stories of hardships and challenges Vumilia’s children and women have overcome. Vumilia is actively rescuing children in the most desperate situations and seeing women regain health, vitality and the support they need so much. We hope you will join us in the important work of helping families with issues relating to HIV/AIDS.

Maggie Dec 2012


Joanna Maggie Aluso was orphaned at a very young age and left in the care of her desperately poor grandparents. When she was referred to Vumilia, she was found living in a flea-infested mud hovel, severely malnourished. Her grandmother begged Vumilia to look after the young girl because she had no means.


Vumilia staff went to rescue Fatuma after community elders alerted us to her dangerous situation. Orphaned in 2006, she was left in the custody of her bed-ridden grandmother who was HIV positive, and two alcoholic uncles.



Jettina is a wonderful and inspiring young woman. Initially shunned by her family because of her HIV status, she has, with the help of Vumilia, become a succesful business woman and role-model in the community.

Rosemary hbc


Rosemary Mani is one of Vumilia’s most active and successful Home Based Caregivers, a leading member of the ‘Health Angels” motorcycle team, who spends her time visiting sick and bedridden patients.