Sexual Health Education Program

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Boda Bodasex ed July 2008 156

With generous technical and financial support from our friends in America Vumilia has continued to build greater awareness and understanding about STIs, HIV and other life challenges. We teach people on how culture affects our perceptions and behaviours and how we can remove some of the more unhelpful beliefs which are working against us in the era of HIV/AIDS – like wife inheritance and polygamy and certain types of transactional sex, and all the local myths and superstitions about HIV and condoms.
  • A diverse team of 8 “peer educators” (community volunteers) spread life-changing information and counsel individuals in their demographic group – men, women or youth.
  • This group also regularly delivers more formal sessions to large and small groups at schools, churches, community groups, support groups, and chiefs’ barazas.
  • Launched in an intense six week period in 2008, these educators initially reached over 2,500 in the community. Now the work is ongoing, with each of the eight team members going out in the field in pairs an average of three times a week. They “touch” an average of 2,000 (not unduplicated) community members a month, and do extensive follow-up.
  • Trainer and educator Kathy Tate-Bradish meets with volunteers annually, and a detailed outcome and evaluation system was established in 2013.
  • Vumilia is the only provider of this kind of specific sex education in the Kabras area.
  • The educators are even trying to adapt the design to work with non-literate mother tongue speakers in their areas… Watch this space for more information.

Hear Kathy talking about the program on WBEZ’s Worldview Program.