HIV/Aids Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) Service

Ruth at Vumilia VCT

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We regret to say that this vital service (together with the Medical Clinic) has been suspended, since June 2013, due to shortage of funds. Vumilia would truly appreciate your help in restoring it now. Please read on to find out why.

Vumilia established the only Voluntary Counselling and Testing Clinic in this heavily populated area back in 2006, providing HIV/AIDS testing and counseling to a community of some 300 villages. Over the years thousands of local people have sought our services.

HIV prevalence in Kenya peaked in the mid-1990’s (when it reached 11% among 15-49 year olds) and then declined as awareness and treatment campaigns were introduced, levelling off in the mid 2000’s to around 6.5%. Rates are higher for women/girls (8.7%) than for men at (4.6%). In the local area over 6% of pregnant mothers tested at ante-natal clinics are found to be HIV positive, so the pandemic remains a serious threat. Unhappily it seems that the wider awareness of HIV/AIDS and the realization that it may not prove fatal, together with improved access to treatment with ARVs (anti retrovirals which have proven effective in averting death from HIV/AIDS,) has led to many young people being careless in their sexual behaviour. Meanwhile there remains, in poor rural areas, a very low level of knowledge and understanding about sexual transmitted infections.

So we do not expect HIV prevalence levels to reduce any time soon. For people who test positive, Vumilia helps them to access life saving medical treatment (ARVs) from a partner hospital, and provides counselling support. The clinic also educates all its other patients about HIV/AIDs, with the hope that this will prevent further infection.

The clinic has been authorized and partially supported by the Kenya Ministry of Health since February 2006. Many of our clients, now living successfully with HIV, spread the word in their local areas – brave actions on their part in a society where HIV positive people are so often shunned and vilified.