Home based Care Program & Riders for Health



Rosemary assists a client in her home

Home Based Caregivers visit the bedridden and provide palliative care. This program is vital in this community where so many people live far from the road and distant medical facilities. Once again we are grateful to Aids & Child for their support to this program.

The Home Based Care Team bring medicine, food and care to women and destitute families, who would otherwise be completely alone. This includes:

  • Emotional and psychological care and support.
  • Basic nutrition – we prepare and deliver high-protein porridge (known as uji –a mix of maize and sorghum flour, groundnuts, soya, and dried fish) and boiled eggs to very needy families.
  • Training for teachers and relevant community leaders to help care for children who are HIV+
  • Establishing Pre and Post HIV support groups
  • Counseling for families to help them stay together and to cope with the illness, treatment and suffering that comes with HIV/AIDS
  • Often we advise and assist patients to get involved in some income generating business activity

The VUMILIA “Health Angels” – Riders for Health

Vumilia operates 4 motorcycles thanks to the support of Riders for Health who trained our volunteers  – all HIV positive women – how to ride and maintain them. Almost every day two of these “health angels” and a community social worker use them to visit our clients in their homes. The ‘Angels’ are living proof that HIV need not be a killer, and that women can rise above the stigma to become admired role models in society ….and can ride motorcycles. (See Rosemary’s Story)