Community Health/Medical Clinic

March-April 2007 008

Vumilia Medical Clinic

We regret to say that this vital service (together with the VCT) has been suspended, since June 2013, due to shortage of funds. Vumilia would truly appreciate your help in restoring it now. Please read on to find out why.

Vumilia has been accredited by the Ministry of Health to offer health care services to the entire community. The clinic is open to the public. We are able to offer first level diagnosis and treatment  –  for malaria, for water-borne and other orally/faecally transmitted illnesses, and for upper respiratory tract infections, to treat minor injuries and to make referral to higher level medical care. We obtain medicines and supplies from different sources – a few are free, others purchased at subsidized/controlled prices from medical health programs and wholesalers.

Although we generate some income from small fee payments, often we cannot expect to be paid.  Vumilia also offers medical support to many who are bedridden at home and cannot afford to buy medicine or to get transport to clinics or local hospitals.  We have 2 medical professionals and a team of 3 Community Health workers who make daily visits in the community to treat patients, counsel, provide education on HIV/AIDS and provide palliative care services to the bedridden. For the team to be able to reach out to the community in this way, and also to attend to emergencies, we are fortunate to be collaborating with Riders for Health UK (see below) who by providing us with motorcycles have solved the vital problem of transport. Our team of Community Health workers are currently reaching out to over 500 people a month.