Vumilia currently has 5 programs running:

2 girls

Girls’ Welfare

As of June 2013 Vumilia is caring for 27 orphaned and vulnerable girl children, aged 4 to 17 years old at our home and farm in Bukhaywa village.


Girls’ Education

Ensuring education up to tertiary/vocational level for 32 students: providing home schooling for 23 girls at primary level; sponsoring fees for 4 more at secondary level; and supporting 5 students at university/college.

Moo Cow

The Vumilia Farm

Producing various crops, a lot of vegetables, and rearing dairy cows, chickens, fish and rabbits, to feed the children, to sell, and to teach the children practical agriculture and agronomy skills.


HIV/Aids Voluntary Counselling and Testing Clinic

Vumilia established the only Voluntary Counselling and Testing Clinic in this heavily populated area back, providing HIV/AIDS testing and counseling to a community of some 300 villages. Over the years thousands of local people have sought our services.


Community Health and Medical Clinic

Vumilia has been accredited by the Ministry of Health to offer health care services to the local community. We are able to offer first level diagnosis and treatment for malaria, water-borne and other orally/faecally transmitted illnesses, and for upper respiratory tract infections, and to make referral to higher level medical care.