Plans for the future

Vumilia Childrens Home PlansOur top priorities remain the welfare and education of the children under our direct care, and the continuation of our community services through the HBC program and VCT/Medical clinic.

In June 2013 we had to suspend the VCT/Medical clinic services due to lack of funds. We are still managing to maintain our children’s welfare and education program, and the HBC service, at basic levels, relying on a core fund from Aids & Child Foundation and the goodwill and voluntary spirit of our staff.

So our focus must be on reviving the VCT and clinic and improving the childrens’ program

Even so, we also hope to raise the funds needed for some necessary infrastructural development and to make some other improvements to the Vumilia Project:

  • The establishment of a reference and book library to serve both the Vumilia children and other children in the local community.
  • The procurement of some computers both for this library and to assist in the Home Schooling program. And we need to replace 3 old laptops for management and administration
  • The completion of a perimeter fence around the farm and home, for greater security
  • The installation of PV Solar Electricity to provide power and lighting to the existing buildings and for security lighting.
  • To establish regular visits from performing arts/therapy instructors to work with the children.
  • To upgrade the cattle shed/dairy project
  • To upgrade the poultry/eggs production unit
  • To develop the fish pond
  • To invest in the next stages of farm improvement – accelerate the adoption of sustainable agriculture, decreasing dependency on expensive inputs
  • Once we achieve these goals Vumilia will be able to provide care for more needy girl children, and expand its community services. We expect to double in size and scope, and then double again!

FUTURE VISION: Vumilia founder Rose Moon wants to start a Childrens Hospital in the local area. A crazy idea? Maybe, with everything else that’s going on, but let’s see. Where there’s a will there’s a way, they say. We say where there’s good will there’s a good way – so we will do our best to make this happen too

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