Rose Moon

Our Founder

Rose Ayuma Moon MA, a qualified counsellor – psychologist and a devoted mother and women’s rights champion, was born and raised in Western Kenya, in very humble surroundings as the daughter of hardworking smallholder farmers. Her father had been an orphan child himself, and she grew up in the knowledge that where there is love, there is hope, and happiness.

Rose is passionately dedicated to saving, healing and empowering  women and children whose lives have been tough, and she has many plans for the development of Vumilia’s program.  Her clear vision and straightforward practical actions inspire many.  “Nobody is beyond help” she says “whatever they may have suffered. Healing and loving is what they need – along with proper food and a good education”


July 2013. We have 15 Vumilia people currently serving at the childrens home, on the farm, and in the community:

  1. D. Vumilia PeopleRose Ayuma Moon (MA Counselling Psychology) – Founder/Director
  2. Gloria Ongw’en – Social worker
  3. Everlyne Kasiti – Teacher
  4. Nancy Nanjendo – Teacher
  5. Catherine Matalanga – Teacher
  6. Rosemary Mani – Caregiver
  7. Linah Lusomo – Caregiver
  8.  Albert Okali – Watchman

Volunteer Support

Vumilia is actively supported by many friends and volunteers in different countries. We thank them all for their kindness and help. Here we would like to mention three of them by name:



Kathy Tate-Bradish: Sexual Health Education Program/Volunteer Leader

Kathy visits us every year from her home in the US, often brings others with her, stays at least a month, gives the kids all kinds of good stuff, books and toys and clothes, spends time with them, teaches them, cooks and bakes with them. Fun times. Kathy is also the inspiration and force behind the sexual health outreach program, a frank and bold approach in tackling the ignorance, taboos and superstitions about HIV/AIDS and STIs.



Ruth Stanley: UK based Volunteer

Since she first visited the home some years ago, Ruth has been so helpful in telling our story, setting up and launching this website, “friend-raising” and fundraising in the UK, opening and managing our UK account.




Mary McVay: US based friend and mentor

Mary lived and worked in Kenya in the 80’s and 90’s,  a close friend to founder Rose Moon.When Vumilia first got going, Mary was there for us, encouraging and cajoling, helping and publicizing, networking and organizing. Driven by her strong commitment to women and girls economic empowerment, Mary remains a staunch supporter.

E. Solomon Mwangi


Solomon Mwangi

A long time friend of Vumilia, and founder of Edumed Trust which sponsors some of the girls secondary education, visits when he can. Solomon has seen many of the girls growing up and completing school. A man of great good humour and optimism, Solo helps many children across Kenya and his strong friendship and support has encouraged us through some difficult times


Our local friends in Kenya

As Vumilia has developed more and more people in the local community have come forward to help. For the most part they are local women, whose lives are not easy, struggling hard to feed their own families. They bring what they can, stay for a while and help on the farm, spend time with the children, spread warmth and compassion. We value their appreciation and involvement deeply.